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Student/Family Testimonials


Recently I had to find a new childcare facility and in my experience of touring facilities I found Candil Hall to be the best choice.  It is clean, family oriented and all of the staff truly cares for my child.  I am very happy about the choice I made with Candil Hall.  My son loves going to this school and comes home happy everyday! Thanks Candil Hall for all you do. Mrs. Kendall is his teacher and she truly cares for each of the children in her class too!


Both our sons attend Candil Hall and my son enrolled in Kindergarten privately there has been a student since he was eligible at 2 (for the past 4 years).  We also have now our 2 1/2 yr. old happily learning and growing along with his teachers and friends!  CH is our partner and we are grateful everyday for the wonderful experiences and attention to detail and care that is provided as well as the excellence in education!  If they keep adding grades, we will be there!!!! Sign us up!


Candil Hall has been a blessing for our son and family.  We drop him off every day knowing he will be loved and cared for while away from us.  The staff is warm and friendly.  All of them know our son by name.  We trust Candil Hall whole-heartedly with the care of our child.  We look forward to the years ahead with them and to bringing new members of our family to theirs. 



Candil Hall has been a pleasant, comfortable, welcoming experience for our daughter and family.  The staff morale and climate is impeccable.  Student learning is achieved in rewarding ways.  Our daughter looks forward to attending her pre-school class with Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Amber daily.  Thank you for making such a wonderful impact on her.  We truly appreciate your sense of communication camaraderie and respect in the educational system.



Everyone at Candil Hall is so kind and welcoming.  They were all so helpful when my son made the transition from stay-at-home nanny to full day, daycare.  As expected the transition was with a couple of bumps.  His teachers were so amazing in helping him adjust.  He is happy.  He does not seem upset when I drop him off and he mentions what he does at school.  Plus his cousins are there and he absolutely loves the time he gets to spend with them. 



Candil Hall has been a very positive experience for [my three-year-old].  The teachers are warm and friendly and the management is always on top of things.  My daughter comes home with new learning experiences everyday.



“I love my pretty school.” –three-year-old.  We have been very fortunate to find such a great school with caring teachers.  We entrust Candil Hall with our most precious thing in our life!



My children have been attending Candil Hall for approximately 4 years.  My family has been extremely pleased with the care and education they have received. 



My son is autistic.  Candil Hall has never made an issue out of this.  They have accommodated ABA therapy sessions and when he started the kids program they went out of their way to let me know how he acted getting on and off the bus.  He loves it here.  The last place [he] was at he came home daily with bite marks and was kicked out because “we can’t guarantee his safety.”  At Candil Hall his safety is one of their priorities, not to mention his happiness.  He always has a smile on his face here!  And they all truly love our little guy!



From the moment [my three-year-old] attended Candil Hall she has enjoyed every minute, loving the teachers and activities provided by the school.  She only attends part-time but her time at Candil Hall has provided her with learning skills and important socialization skills, which are evident when she is introduced to new people/children outside of school.  She is always excited to share the new song, activity or project she has learned at school.  Our family credits Candil Hall for [her] outgoing nature, curiosity and willingness to learn. 


Candil Hall is a wonderful school.  The teachers are amazing.  They take the time to get to know each child and help them to shine and reach their full potential.  My daughter loves going to school every day.  She has grown so much this year, both academically and socially and I know it is because of her experience at Candil Hall.


Candil Hall is a family business with great values that I am grateful my son is able to be a part of.  The private kindergarten is an amazing program.  It will be hard moving on and leaving Candil Hall. 


At a moment’s notice, on a Monday morning at the beginning of this school year, I found my children without daycare.  The folks at Candil Hall stepped in, ushered my two daughters and me through a quick sign-up and had me on my way to work in less than half an hour!  Since our very first day at Candil Hall the administration and staff have treated my family like their family.  I highly recommend this facility to any family looking for loving, supportive, excellent daycare!




Our son has been attending Candil Hall for over 2 ½ years and it has been a wonderful experience.  All of his teachers have always been caring and patient—it truly feels more like a home/family environment with lots of love.  We are so happy with the care and learning environment they provide.  We love Candil Hall!



My daughter and I enjoy coming to Candil Hall.  The staff is great.  We wouldn’t go anywhere else.



Candil Hall has become a wonderful asset to our family.  Our youngest son goes to pre-k five days a week and loves it!  The staff is amazing.  We can drop him off knowing that he is safe and receiving the love and attention every young child needs.  This has made it comfortable and believe it is why he has learned so much.  He loves to learn and will be more than ready for kindergarten.



We love Candil Hall!  Our kids have gone to Candil Hall for the past four years.  They both learned and grew so much.  The teachers and staff are all loving and truly care about the kids.  We can’t thank them enough for instilling a love of learning in our kids.



We love it at Candil Hall!  They all make you and your family feel like you are a part of their family.  We have been attending this school for over three years and would highly recommend them 100% to any family.  The best school and atmosphere we could ask for.



We have had both of our children, [our son, eight years old] and [our daughter, five years old], at Candil Hall since they were two years old.  They have had wonderful life experiences and education from Candil Hall.  We have become to think of the staff at Candil Hall as friends and family.  Both [our daughter] and [son] have had the same teachers and it is a great comfort to know the staff has been with Candil Hall for so long.  We are grateful to their caring and experience in the lives of our children.  



This is [our daughter’s] third year at the school and our experience to date has grown better each year.  This is a great school with wonderful staff and students and we would highly recommend it to anyone considering a pre-school.  [Our daughter] is happy here which makes us happy!



Our sons have been attending C.H. for five years, since they were two years old.  Our youngest son will be leaving this September.  I am sad to think my children will no longer be involved with C.H.’s amazing teachers and administrators.  From the moment we walk through the door we feel welcomed and from the moment my boy runs into Ms. Saige’s arms I know he will be loved, hugged and cared for.  I have always felt at ease leaving my precious sons in their care.  C.H. is a family owned pre-school, they treat you like an extension of their family and we will be forever grateful to have been a part of their lives during the most fragile years of our hearts, lives!



Candil Hall has been such a positive influence on my son’s life.  The staff is always friendly.  Not only do they remember my son’s name, but they greet myself and other children by name as well.  I cannot speak highly enough about Candil Hall, Ms. Dora and Ms. Saige and the incredible facility.  I recommend it to everyone!  Thank you for all of your hard work Candil Hall!



We are new to Candil Hall this month.  I was not sure how my daughter would adjust going to a new pre-school, and how my two-year-old would do for his first pre-school experience.  The staff at Candil Hall is amazing, they each have shown a compassionate and nurturing attitude toward my children.  My children have adjusted well, I pick them up happy each day.  I would highly recommend this pre-school to friends and family.


The most important thing I can say about Candil Hall is that my children look forward to going to school because “the teachers are so nice.”

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